Eager to take the entertainment world by storm, Miss Koko Loko® sets the stage for her biggest role yet. Although fairly unknown, the Miami native and forthcoming femcee, has already amassed an impressive list of achievements. Miss Koko Loko®Having toured the world twice by the age 23, as well as perform on some of entertainment's biggest stages, Koko is anxious to surpass her previous success. Boasting raw talent, abiding beauty, and incomparable star quality; Koko is hard at work on her goal as a hip hop and entertainment phenom. "ILL" since birth, Koko made her indelible mark very early on. As a precocious toddler, she began classical ballet training at the tender age of 3, and quickly encompassed several other dance styles, along with writing and musical theatre. As an adolescent, her abilities garnered honors that include scholastic accolades and local media attention, after she penned a fervent letter to then President, Bill Clinton. Additionally, she was invited to travel abroad and perform dance selections for Counsel Generals and luminaries; such as the mother of Bob Marley, Ms. Cedella Booker. Shortly thereafter; she was invited into the dance program at the prestigious, New World School of the Arts high school in Miami, FL.

Following graduation from NWSA, Koko snagged the primary dance position on a major ongoing world tour. After being hand selected at a Miami audition, Koko joined the whirlwind excursion and subsequently relocated to Los Angeles. Without missing a beat, she was soon adding principal work on national television commercials, and major awards/t.v. shows to her roster of credits. Before long, Koko was juggling 100 international tour dates along with assignments in and around L.A. When several schedule conflicts resulted in Koko forgoing favorable jobs, she began to reflect on her career path.

Ready to fulfill her lifelong dream of superstardom, Koko began to shift gears. Continually honing each of her skills through the years, she delve even deeper into her childhood vigor for writing. Public oration closely ensued. As a single artistic expression, Koko fused her natural resonance and lyrical witticism, with the rest of her remarkable gifts. The outcome was staunch thought provoking rhymes, enticingly wrapped in mind blowing showmanship; thus birthing the multifaceted artist Miss Koko Loko.

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Miss Koko Loko® - Fiya

Miss Koko Loko® - Love & Life

Miss Koko Loko® - FIYA

Miss Koko Loko® - LOVE & LIFE

Miss Koko Loko® - LOST ONES

Miss Koko Loko® - PAY ATTENTION

Miss Koko Loko® - ILLA

Miss Koko Loko® - YOU OUGHTA KNOW

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”Where your talent and needs of the world cross, lies your calling” -Aristotle


Adult Literacy Program

Koko tutoring a literacy student

Koko donates her time weekly to the ALP, by tutoring adult students in one on one sessions at the Los Angeles Public Library. Students develop reading skills and ultimately reach milestones for everyday tasks, like reading a menu or completing an application.

Studies Show:

In the US, there are currently 30 million adults that read at a fifth grade level or lower. And while 30 million American adults need literacy assistance, only about 3 million will be eligible, due to low funding for programs.


Koko with STAR chairpersons at Orientation

What is STAR?
STAR is a Los Angeles Public Library program that brings children and adults together from diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds to share in the joy of reading. In the program, Koko shares great books and stories with children to teach them important pre-reading skills, that ultimately encourage their desire to read.

Studies Show:

Children who are read aloud to learn to read more easily, read at a higher level, enjoy reading more and do better in school.


At Poise
What is P.O.I.S.E?
P.O.I.S.E is dedicated to equipping and empowering foster youth and at-risk young ladies by enhancing their spiritual,social, emotional, and physical quality of life, through a supportive community of women filled with love,guidance, and encouragement. Koko's mentoring efforts within POISE reinforce a healthy self image of it's young women, by exploring and implementing their talents into their daily lives.

Studies Show:

Foster youth often have increased levels of stress and insecurity because of the vast amount of changes that result from recurring displacement. They are affected emotionally, cognitively, and physically, as it contributes to both the feelings they internalize as well as behaviors that they display.

The Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth found that the rates of teen pregnancy are much higher for teens that are or have been a part of the foster care system than for other teens. By the age of 19, girls who had been in foster care were two and a half times more likely to become pregnant. Adolescents who lived with both parents were less likely to have had sexual intercourse than were adolescents who lived with only one or neither parent.

Additional Charity

Holidays at The Santa Monica Civic Center & The Covenant House

Service in various shelters and soup kitchens during holidays.

Why I’m involved...

I acknowledge that many of the problems in our communities stem from lack of education and positive mentorship. In addition to other efforts, charity in the aforementioned areas are my way of addressing insidious issues and serving those in need.


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